Posted on August 4, 2008


girly girls like pink and purple. girly girls wear dresses to the grocery store. girly girls scream at the sight of spiders. girly girls match their shoes to their purses. and girly girls LOVE pretty boys.

mich and i went to see batman – the dark knight, last friday. it wasn’t a must see on my list, but i had seen the first one, so i wanted to see this one.

if i didn’t love christian bale before, i certainly do now. yum. heath ledger was amazing and certainly deserves at least one award nomination. i also laid eyes on the newest addition to my future husband list – aaron eckhart (yes, the perfect man from no reservations). from the first part of the film, anyway. all in all, i really enjoyed the men movie.

so, i guess i’m not so much of a girly girl. though i suppose it’s possible that i was swayed by a few beautiful men.

my spoilers, after the jump…

batman – the dark knight starring christian bale (batman/bruce wayne), aaron eckhart (harvey dent/two face), heath ledger (joker), maggie gyllenhall (rachel dawes/the chick who took over katie’s holmes’ role and fit a thousand times better), some other people i know i know, but am not naming b/c all i can picture is christian bale in his lamborghini.

summary – batman fights the criminals, while working with the gotham city police, yada, yada, yada – i hate christian bale’s batman voice. harvey dent is cleaning up the streets with the help of batman, while romancing me rachel dawes. rachel dawes knows bruce wayne is batman and keeps his secrets. the joker is killing people b/c he can and he finds that messing with batman is super fun.

i’m a bit fuzzy on the actual storyline b/c i was distracted, but…

the opening bank robbery sequence was rad. health ledger as the joker was awesome – humorous and creepy all at the same time. and christian bale in a suit and lamborghini… ok, where was i?

the exact premise of the story was that the joker wanted batman to reveal himself. until he did, he would continue to kill, which he did. batman and harvey dent made a deal and harvey confessed that he was batman to lure the joker out of hiding. it worked, they caught the joker, but in the process, harvey and rachel were kidnapped and surrounded by a bunch of rigged oil cans. the joker told batman where they each were, but swapped the locations knowing that batman would go after rachel. not arriving in time, rachel is killed and harvey is disfigured (my love for aaron eckhart was split in half at this point). harvey feels wronged b/c he was saved and rachel wasn’t so he freaks and kidnaps the police commissioner’s family. blah blah blah, the joker is caught again, batman saves commissioner gordon’s family and we all live to pee again (b/c OMG the movie was almost 3 hours long!!!).

and that’s my take. if you want a real synopsis, you’ll have to google it. i’m still too busy oogling the photos above.