Posted on August 20, 2008


it’s no secret.  i like gymnastics.  ok, so i LOVE it!  something about little itty bitty girls flipping about as if to defy gravity just captivates me.  so, naturally, i’ve been watching the gymnastics olympic finals, etc – when i can catch it.  more so, i’ve been checking it out online since they play it at odd times that my dvr refuses to pick up (or perhaps it’s that big brother takes a bigger priority on the record list)

as a kid, i was in gymnastics.  however, i was a wimpy gymnast.  i could do some flips and turns on the uneven bars, but i was scared.  i could do a back handspring on the beam, but i was scared.  i could do layovers and a standing tuck, but i was scared.  i could jump with the best of them and flip with the best of them, but i was ALWAYS SO DAMN SCARED!  and the pressure.  oh, the pressure –  hated it.  it made me perform like… i was scared.  so, naturally, i moved on the cheerleading where i could flail about less gracefully and forget to point my toes b/c no one would even notice (and if they did, wouldn’t really care)

BUT, it’s still a treat for me to see girls like nastia liukin and shawn johnson live out their dreams.  they aren’t scared and they are better for it.  they don’t buckle to the pressure, they absorb it, they live it.  and it is fascinating. 

although biased (but not purposely so), i was rooting for nastia (who i refer to as “the tall one” and she’s only 5’3″)on the uneven bars and was annoyed with the convoluted tie breaker scoring, which ended up giving her silver.  and when shawn johnson took gold over nastia on the beam, i grinned.  and then i cried.  the sight of her parents watching their little girl live out that dream was beautiful.  it made me miss my mom, as she was always MY biggest fan. 

one day, silly monkey will have a dream – maybe it will be football or basketball or ballet (you never know), but whatever it is, i will be that weepy sappy cheering mom rooting in the stands for her baby to live that dream.  b/c seriously, isn’t that the best part about being a parent – living your child’s happiness?

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