Posted on September 1, 2008


i am so beyond mad at myself. i am ridiculously disappointed in myself. i had come so far over the past six months. i had picked myself up, moved forward and had a pretty sunny disposition. and now… this.

i tend to believe in people. i tend to have faith in people. i tend to trust people. and i am almost always let down. i should know better by now. i should believe in MYSELF. i should have faith in MYSELF. i should trust MYSELF. but i almost always let myself down.

so here it is…

i thought i could open my heart and forgive the one person who had broken it over & over. i thought this person would finally open his and realize how important living really is. i thought he was done with the past and was ready to move forward. i thought he was ready to do that with me. but why would i think that? was it because those were his very words?

insincerity wins once again.

i am fractured, but not broken.

and again, here i am.