Posted on September 2, 2008


i’m pretty blind.  not legally or anything close to that and i’m sure it could totally be worse (thanks mom and dad), but nonetheless, i’m still pretty blind.  so much so that i definitely cannot see the giant red lit numbers on my alarm clock and can barely make out the red lights themselves.  i rely on my contacts to find my glasses and on my glasses to find my contacts.  it’s a lovely system. 

the other night, i was in the shower (mind, gutter – separate), looked down and screamed!  i saw something moving.  something pinkish.  something pretty big darn big, too big to be moving in the shower.  it became reminiscent of the time i went camping a few years ago and found a GIANT bug in the showers (if they dare call them showers, with the push button water contraption and all).  i screamed (b/c that always helps) and then proceeded to COVER it ENTIRELY (and then some) in shampoo.  and not just any shampoo, cheap 99 cent v05 rain scented shampoo (like i was going to bring the good stuff outdoors).  i felt bad considering i was suffocating a bug the size of a cat, but it was only for a second and then the creep factor settled back in and i was over it.  anyway, my point…

i jumped back and took a slightly closer look.  it looked like skin.  i screamed, again (b/c seriously, it always helps to scream) and looked over my body.  no skin missing.  my heart was racing.  i was freaked.  i grabbed my glasses.  and yea, it was…


(it also helps to completely overreact to every situation in life.  i hear it’s good for the metabolism, just like spicy food.  it gets the heart racing.)  (ok, so i never heard that.)

** post title – philip hansen anselmo (pantera)

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