Posted on September 9, 2008


sunday was zoo day. well, sunday is pretty much always zoo day. i mean, seriously, i did say i was going to get my worth out of that zoo pass and yes, it pretty much eats up any gas i have left in the liberty, but whatever b/c it’s fun and silly monkey loves it and animals are cool even if they are smelly. ok, so where was i?!

oh yea, ok, the zoo visit…

so we spent nearly 2 hours looking at elephants and TEACUPS AND TRAINS! and riding on them.

yea. we rode the kiddie rides. the entire time. no real animals were seen (besides the crazy beasts in bikinis that shouldn’t be wearing bikinis at the zoo let alone wearing bikinis, period – put some damn shorts on. or overalls. overalls would be good).

several rides on the train – middle, back, front, back, front, middle, front. throw in a few turns on the up & down elephants. and then the teacups. yes. i said THE FRIGGIN’ TEACUPS.

nevermind the massive half hearted bouffant i crammed into a mini clip that i apparently thought was a fabulous look for a zoo trip. nevermind the fact that i was crammed into the tiniest of teacups b/c really, they were not teacups made for adults, they we SO VERY NOTICEABLY made for CHILDREN! nevermind the sheer idea that i had to practically sit with my knees crammed into my stomach b/c there was ZERO leg room (mind you i must be a VERY tall 5’3″). and nevermind the thought that i just used the word CRAMMED three times in less than 30 seconds.

instead, let’s focus on the simple fact that these tiny 2 year old sized “teacups” made me want to vomit – for which i almost did all over the most adorable spin loving child in the entire universe (and beyond).

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