Posted on September 15, 2008


fact or fiction?

he showed up on her doorstep nearly begging to come home.  she was skeptical.  she asked him “why” and specifically “why now”.  his words were as they had always been – insincere, forced and wrong.  and though it was against her best judgment, she told him she would try to forgive him and would try to put the past behind them, if that’s what he was willing to do.  his words seemed empty and she knew in her heart that this would end just as badly as before.  a firm believer in righting the wrong, she welcomed the thought of it not being too late…

a week went by.  then two.  then three.  he was still hiding everything – his feelings, his thoughts, even his phone messages.  it was awkward.  but mostly, it was the same.  she felt like she was being used.  and all the while, she was.  he still had the other woman in his life.  one who had apparently fell for his empty words and lost promises.  one who was so desperate to be with him, they didn’t hesitate to continue their attempts at tearing a family apart. 

and then it came.  his fake tears flowed.  his desperate attempt to make her understand that she was too good for his games and undeserving of his abuse.  he explained that he was “sick” and needed help, though blatantly stated he was unwilling to get it.  she wanted him to understand that people aren’t disposable.  he wouldn’t listen.  she tried to hold on, but finally realized that she was holding onto something that was never there.  and so it ended.  again.

heartbroken, she later to came to realize that it was just a game – one to see if he could get back in where he so unjustly ran away.  and foolishly, she let him.