Posted on September 18, 2008


in the name of all things fabulous…

silly monkey chose last night, of all nights, to pee and poop onin the toilet!  no bribery, no stalling, no fiftythousand questions and pleasepleaseplease use the toilet – i asked, he said yes, he peed, he pooped. 

after he was done, i made a HUGE deal about it – we jumped around, clapped our hands, danced and placed stickers carefully on the chart.  three stickers to be exact.  he’s never gotten THREE stickers before!

afterwards, we had the following conversation:

mommy is so proud of you.
i did good job.
yes, you did.  you made a peepee and a poopy in the toilet.
noooooooo.  i made peepee and TWO poopy in the toilet!

POINT TAKEN!!!  i was so tempted to take a picture.  i refrained.  but i’m still keeping the first pee in the potty photo and his umbilical cord (don’t judge)!