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Posted on September 30, 2008


i don’t sing.  well.  in fact, unless i’m alone in the car with the radio up super loud, i don’t sing.  much.  unless it’s to silly monkey and the sunshine song or abc song.  but, even those, he rarely tolerates telling me each time “mommy no sing”.  i’m not the only horrible singer he expresses disdain for.  he doesn’t like when daddy sings either, even if daddy says he does (in fact, i never liked it when M sang.  it wasn’t good.  all those years in show choir **YES!  singing dancing jazz hands, yay** didn’t make M a good singer – even though he swears he could have won american idol – NO WAY NO HOW YUCK YUCK YUCK!  anyway.)  so, if i can help it at all, i don’t sing.  especially to the silly monkey who insists that i sound like a duck trapped in a wind tunnel.  oh my. 

yesterday, we stopped to grab a copy of horton hears a who b/c it’s on dvd already, right?  um no.  we get home to learn that it’s the remastered dr seuss original (YAY, even better), with colorful new images on the cover to trick us kid having folk into thinking it’s the new movie (read the box, i say, read the box).  ANYWAY… my point… there’s LOTS of singing in it.  LOTS.

and monkey loves it. 

go figure.

should mommy sing a song?
no sing mommy.  horton sing.

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