Posted on October 4, 2008


i had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends.  i’ve known her since we were young teenagers and really, at first, didn’t like each other.  but, after analyzing how silly it was to be so annoyed with one another (b/c i ate baby food and she carried a lunchbox – shut up, baby food is tasty and lunchboxes are COOL!), we became fastfastfast friends and were inseparable for a very long time.  life circumstances found a way to keep us apart sometimes, but never in our hearts.  and today, i saw her happier and more beautiful than i ever have.  her happiness made me happy, a wee bit weepy and a tad bit sad.

i miss being in love.  i miss being loved – that way, that forever way.

since the bride and groom met on eharmony (those happy couples from the commercials really do existl!), their first dance was the eharmony theme song – this will be (an everlasting love) by natalie cole.  SO friggin’ cute!  and since their engagement involved a hot sauce packet, i fully expected to see taco bell on the menu.  it wasn’t…

i met some wonderful people that i had amazing amounts in common with, which is such a refreshing change.  one particular boy, who, unfortunately for me, is a boy who likes boys, was witty and just plain fun.  another paid me a fabulous compliment about me being fabulous and quite frankly, why do i not attend weddings more often?!  being forced to sit at a table with a bunch of strangers ended up being much more fun than i had anticipated.

and then there was the photo booth.  i made 4 trips and ended up with some pretty funny and lasting memories.

one day, it’ll be me forever glowing and forever smiling and forever happy .  one day.

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