Posted on October 16, 2008


when silly monkey was in utero, he had about 50 names.  i won’t mention them here b/c, well, i’m stingy with the name sharing and don’t condone stealing, which has happened before and totally bummed me out. ..

at one point, i was starving and made some crazy deal to give him “vader” as a middle name as long as M would get me some grapes.  that one didn’t stick.  M thought it would be cool, as in “picture him out on the football field with fans screaming ‘vader, vader, vader’ cool”.  my thought was that he’d end up being a science nerd and get swirlied b/c he was freakishly named after some star wars character (oh, snap, yes i did… CHARACTER!!!)

things progressed on a more normal basis and we went through names like they were toilet paper (which is much much more often than non-pregnant times – tmi, i know).  and then it hit.  silly monkey.  it was fabulous and strong and cute and he could still hold his head up high as a nobel peace prize winning doctor – silly monkey.

i had 2 concerns:

1.  the only silly monkey i had ever known of was some red-headed guy on the mickey mouse club.  he was kind of dorky and not so cute and well, hearing “BLAHBLAH” made me think of him.  my annoyance was gone when i learned his actual name is “BLAHBLEH”.  problem solved.

2.  is “silly monkey” common?  i didn’t want him to be one of 50 kids in school with the same name.  i mean, “danyelle” is pretty common – the pronounciation, not necessarily the spelling – and i was lucky to grow up being one of a very few other “danielle/daniell/deniell’s”.  in fact, when i moved to ohio, i was the one and only throughout high school – that i knew of anyway.  i went on a hunting spree to test how common “silly monkey” was and found a baby name wizard that gave numbers and statistics from the 1880s to present day.  the year he was born, “silly monkey” was the #83 baby name (it is used for boys and girls), with about 1200 babies being named “silly monkey” per million babies born.  so sort of common, but no so common.   and “silly monkey” it was… “silly monkey” it is.

my #1 girl name choice had been “ava”.  it was the #4 girl name for 2007 and has steadily climbed for the past several years.  so… you can have “ava”.  i’m keeping the rest for myself.

** post title – chandler bing (matthew perry), friends

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