Posted on October 24, 2008


i asked a friend to describe the way she would, should she have to, should someone said “hey, describe your friend d”.  i figured it would be blasted with the same stuff that’s been said as of late…

* “oh my gah, you’re the younger sister” – b/c seriously, i’m a whole MORE than 5 years YOUNGER than my OLDER sister and i’m not even 30 yet – STOP AGING ME – OMG do i look old?  really, do i look old?

* “cute hair” – b/c yea, my best trait – whoopee!!  and it is cute.  fabulous if i say so myself.

* “did you lose weight?” – b/c YES, WHY YES I DID, THANKYOUSOVERYMUCH for noticing!! i love you!

and so she said –

“adorable little brunette with beautiful almond eyes…”

to which i responded –

“wait.  i said describe me.”

to which she responded –

“shut up.  i am.  something’s changed about you ever since, well, ever since you know, well, you know, **whispers** the divorce… but it’s not like you look completely different.  other than your hair and stuff.  but really, you look amazing.  you’re beautiful.”

to which i responded –

“you are my new best friend.  do want to live in my basement?  i will totally try not to forget to feed you.”

it’s amazing what happens to you, physically, when you’re happy.  me?  i tend to have shinier hair and glowier skin (and yes, glowier is a word).  i drop pounds and smile like a school girl.  and people notice.  they truly notice.  it’s not a myth that when men wear a ring they get more attention from women (bad, bad women to flirt with the married), but it’s so so so opposite with women.  i apparently look single.  a good single.

and so yea, i met a boy.