Posted on October 27, 2008


i awoke to a freezing draft from the windows this morning.  even with the curtains closed, i could feel the frozen windows freezing my house, my blankets and my body.  not comfy.  so i quickly dressed in a few too many layers and started sweating.  so i changed.  and then got cold again.  it’s a vicious cycle of crappy weather creating bad moods in casa danyelle…

mommy, look!
look at what, monkey?
it’s snowing!!
what?  it’s not snowi… OMG, it’s snowing!!
mommy, it’s snowing out there.
i see it.  yep, that’s snow.
yes, monkey…
mommy, it’s snowing.
i know, bud, it’s snowing.
mommy, it’s snowing!!
no way, it’s not snowing!
it IS snowing. it’s snowing outside.
nah, i think that’s rain.
NO! it’s NOT rain.
yes, monkey.
mommy, it’s snowing outside.

and thus this conversation went on for about 30 minutes and continued in the car on the way to daycare. and after what had to have been the ten thousandth time silly monkey told me it was definitely OMG snowing outside WOOHOO, i couldn’t help but realize that while it sucks for me (b/c i only like snow for about 5 minutes every winter), it’s all very new and exciting to him. 

so i’ll say it now (and listen up b/c i won’t say it again), i officially PRENTENDtoLOVE snow b/c my baby big boy is so excited for me to REALLYreallyREALLY love snow.

but i still hate snow.

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