Posted on October 30, 2008


my baby is sick.  thank gracious i wasn’t there to witness the upchuck.  M was.  as was his car.  as was the carseat.  as were monkey’s pants, socks, shirt, hands and face.  i did, however, get to beg my neighbor for hose usage (mind, gutter, separate) to spray down the carseat.  yum.

apparently, after throwing up once, he told M, “uh oh, that’s not good” and after the second, “oops, that was a big one” – hahaha.  and hilarity ensued.  ok, not quite.

poor monkey moseyed his way up the front steps and demanded i pick up his vomit riddled body.  and i did.  he insisted i carry his skunkified self up the stairs.  and i did.  he required that i hold him while i took off his stenchy clothes.  and i did.  he asserted that i wash him while he was standing up.  and i did (but seriously, it makes sense, would you want to SIT in a tub of water contaminated with loads of regurgitated apples?).  he reiterated that i lay him down on the sofa, facing the kitchen.  and i did.  he pressed me for some apple juice in his mater cup.  and i gave it to him (though it was very very very watered down juice).  he clamored for a kit kat.  and i caved…

what?  WHAT?!  you didn’t see that look he gave me.  those eyes!  those perfect, round, huge, beautiful brown eyes.

damn.  he has such a hold on me.