Posted on November 3, 2008


friday was trick-or-treat night (beggar’s night for all you midwesterners) and monkey’s first actual round of “put candy in my bucket, please”.  it was awesome.  and pretty warm, which is quite uncharacteristic for this time of year, especially with how the weather has been lately.  monkey became a spider (spider big boy, if you asked him directly). adorable much?! oh yes!

it took 10 minutes to wrestle him into his costume.  he did NOT want to WEAR anything.  seriously, not even pants.  but after spending sometime on the ground with him rolling around wailing “no spider baby, nooooooo”, we finally got it on and he pretty much forgot about it, aside from occasionally putting the fabricy legs in his mouth, which whatever b/c this sentence is getting much MUCH too long.  it took another hour before he would agree to wear the spider hat and some bribery with turning the light on in the fish tank.  finally, all costumed up…

we walked, he ran, he kicked leaves and he dragged his thomas the train candy bucket.  he was LOVING IT.  OMG, they’re just GIVING me candy and i don’t have to be a good boy? LOVING IT!

for the first 5 minutes:

i want candy.
ok, here you go.
thank you.

after another lesson on how this whole things works:

trick or treat!
here, you go, scary spider!

thank you.

after 15 minutes:

you don’t want candy?
i don’t want that.
how about i just put in right in your bucket?
thank you!

after 20 minutes:

no.  i don’t want candy.  i carry you.

and that was that.  we took his hat off and M and i carried him around for the next 20-30 minutes, while monkey’s cousins finished off their evening. 

i would say it was pretty successful. and although he didn’t exactly get the whole point, he was super polite and gosh darn-it, he sure was cute!