Posted on November 13, 2008


wednesday was my 7th anniversary with… my boss. 

i began working for him after i sorta kinda got sacked from an awful job i had at a law firm for, get this, being friends with a girl that was very much unliked by the office manager (and who i haven’t seen since then).  ick.  office politics.  i did a GREAT job there and even picked up the slack for others, who should probably have been sacked years and years before i even took the job there in the first place.  that was certainly a blessing, albeit, in disguise. 

but, i’m getting away from myself.

i’ve done the work i’m doing now for 7 years!  and i love it.  i really do.  it’s something new everyday, even if it’s dealing with the tempermental ways of well-to-do businessmen.  i’ve worked my way up from lowly transcriptionist/receptionist/file clerk to running the practice for a very highly respected and regarded man, especially in our industry.  and though the economy has troubled my office for many days now, i’m enjoying my job more now that i ever have before (since working i have to do – though i’d rather sit at home in my jammies and watch silly monkey play with his trains)

so.  congrats to me, thank you very much.

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