Posted on November 18, 2008


hey, look what i stole from here


  • name: danyelle or d or mommy
  • birthdate: december something, 197 something
  • birthplace: ohio
  • current location: ugh,  ohio
  • eye color:  brownish grey
  • hair color: dark dark brownish red
  • height: 5’3″ish
  • righty or lefty: right
  • zodiac sign: sagittarius


  • your heritage: eastern european southern asian american – 50% korean, 50% other 
  • the shoes you wore yesterday: black & white naughty monkey heels with brass buckle – yum
  • your weakness: anything with sugar
  • your fears: being buriedalive (among other not so weirdo things)
  • your perfect pizza: bbq chicken (from california pizza kitchen)
  • goal you’d like to achieve: invisibility.  and potty training.  and money making.


  • your most overused phrase on AIM: i don’t use AIM
  • your first waking thoughts: no
  • your best physical feature: eyes, hair, ability to go away
  • your most missed memory: i miss my mom, but i will ALWAYS have my memories


  • pepsi or coke: root beer
  • mcdonald’s or burger king: noodles and company
  • single or group dates: i hate dating
  • adidas or nike: adidas
  • lipton or nestea: tazo or yogi tea
  • chocolate or vanilla: swirl
  • cappuccino or coffee: coffee


  • smoke: maybe?
  • cuss: not as much today as yesterday
  • sing: everything (if i could remember useful things like i can remember song lyrics, i’d be a genius)
  • take a shower everyday: for the most part
  • do you think you’ve been in love: absolutely
  • want to go to college: i would definitely like to go back
  • liked high school: not so much
  • want to get married: done
  • believe in yourself: everyday
  • get motion sickness: frequently
  • think you’re attractive: decently
  • think you’re a health freak: kinda sorta
  • get along with your parent(s):  my mom was my best friend.  miss her more than i ever thought possible.  my dad and i are working on it.
  • like thunderstorms: nah
  • play an instrument: yes, silly monkey’s belly

LAYER SIX: In the past month…

  • gone on a date: i haven’t been on a real date since…
  • gone to the mall: no
  • eaten an entire box of Oreos: oh gah, no!
  • eaten sushi: yes.  yum.  unagi (bbq eel, yum).
  • been on stage: no
  • been dumped: no
  • gone skating: no
  • made homemade cookies: i am not a baker
  • dyed your hair: no
  • stolen anything: only time


  • age you hope to be married: already done
  • numbers and names of children: 1, silly monkey
  • describe your dream wedding: no
  • how do you want to die: i don’t
  • where did you want to go to college: stanford (i instead became a buckeye – go BUCKS!)
  • what do you want to be when you grow up: a princess
  • what country would you most like to visit: australia


  • number of people i could trust with my life: a handful
  • number of CDs that I own: not that many
  • number of piercings: 8
  • number of tattoos: 6
  • number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: a few
  • number of scars on my body: too many
  • number of things in my past that i regret: none
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