Posted on November 22, 2008


potty training.  ah, potty training.  if there’s one thing i never ever want to have to do again, it’s potty training.  honestly, it’s not THAT bad.  it’s just my inability to actually enforce it, b/c really, it’s not an enforceable thing.  it’s more of a when he’s ready he’ll do it thing.

i’ve gotten tips from just about everyone i know – rewards (don’t work for silly monkey, probably b/c he’s already spoiled), stickers (eh, he loves stickers but they don’t get him to sit or actually go), watching, leaving him with some privacy blah blah blah.

so what’s been working? funny enough, just talking to him.

he’s very much into being a “big boy”, which in itself makes me weepy, but i know he has to grow up.  today, he got a “big boy” haircut and went to hallmark to get a “big boy” thomas train to put on the “big boy” christmas tree.  before we do ANYTHING, we have a talk about how to behave like a “big boy” and he really is becoming a “big boy”.  and you know, he was perfectly behaved during the haircut, splendid in hallmark (except for the mini meltdown b/c OMG THEY PUT THOMAS IN A BOX!) and assisted me in putting thomas onto the tree (high up so he isn’t tempted to be a “baby” and yank it down).

and, we had a talk about the potty.  and, he used the potty.  70% of today.  3 pees and 2 poops, all in the potty.  ALL DAY, he had only 2 semi wet diapers!  so, i’m done “babying” my baby about the potty.  i suppose if he wants to be a “big boy”, i’ll at least let him try.