Posted on December 7, 2008


when i turned 21, my dad flew me out to my hometown (san jose, cali) for my birthday.  after a little snafu with the night before my flight left and something about purple hooters and/or “just one drink b/c it’s my birfdayyyyyyyyy” and/or perhaps missing my flight b/c i think i may have perhaps forgotten to possibly set the alarm maybe…  wait, where was i?

oh yes…

it was during this very trip that i fell i love with carmel, california and a man i had never seen, heard about or known anything about.  just window shopping and taking in the town, we stopped into Hanson Gallery (at Ocean Ave & Mission St) to browse.  i was captivated by this (seriously, click it and fall in love) and from that day, i’ve been in love with mackenzie thorpe.

i quickly purchased his book and have gotten his calendar every year.  i’ve scoured everywhere for the cards that seem very easy to come by in the UK, though nowhere to be found in the states.  silly monkey’s nursery was mackenzie thorpe themed with square sheep, boys carrying hearts and a mommy who grinned every time she stepped inside.  i once tried to eat just this in order to save up to buy this (it didn’t work).  i’ve even contemplated living in this just to be able to put a down payment on this.

wow.  that’s a lot of links.

THIS is my favorite (which also happens to be available for the low low minimum price of more than i can afford)

love, life, death and hope - mackenzie thorpe

love, life, death and hope - mackenzie thorpe

so amazingly captivating.  i could look at it all day.