Posted on December 8, 2008


i was bundled.  hoodie zipped.  coat (with thinsulate!!) buttoned to the top.  pants tucked into my crochet uggs.   i was ready to take the dog out… in the snow… and ice… and freezing winds. 

my neighbor was trying to manneuver his giant gas gussler work van into his parking spot.  not working.  i grabbed my shovel and dug him a trench for each of his tires.  a few minutes later, he was parked.  i walked around back to make sure the van wouldn’t slide back… and then i slid… and slid… and slid and then fell.  

i fell FRIGGIN’ HARD!!  on my side, with my arm bent and out.  OUCH!  i laid in the snow for a bit until i could catch my breath.  and then started laughing b/c seriously???  uggs on the ice is so super smart. 

it’s been a few days and i’m in some serious pain – shoulder, upper arm, forearm (on the opposite side – weird), back, ribs and hip.  i can barely get my stupid uggs on without wincing from the pain.  perhaps that’s a good thing since they don’t work all that well on the ice.  i’m thinking of investing in some cletes… the better for traction.

and thus, the reason i so very much hate snow (and ice).  it always takes my breath away.  just not in a good way!

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