Posted on December 9, 2008


d's coach hat

it’s no secret that i am completely and unequivocally sorta kinda obsessively attached to coach.  anything coach.  well, almost anything coach – they do have some funky shoes even i wouldn’t wear.

before i had silly monkey, i racked up a collection of coach purses that could probably fund a 4 year ivy league college education for eleven kids, maybe twelve.  i’ve since toned it down.

i love coach.

what more can i say?

in fact, my love of coach (so much that although they declined my marriage proposal) has brought them to their knees enough that they’ve decided to show their love for me by making me a VIP.

d's coach hat

VIPs come with the following very strict criteria… buy buy buy.  meet that criteria and once a year they’ll give us coach obsessed a discount card (one time use only so use it wisely).

this discount is sorta kinda amazing mostly b/c coach NEVER has a discount on anything worth buying and loving whole-heartedly.  so much so that you’ll fall in love with an amazingly full and soft cable knit beret and you’ll buy it even though your sister hates it and tells you no twenty times. and instructs you to instead buy an umbrella b/c it matches your bleecker tattersal tote and OMG now you look like a mushroom!

maybe i’ll sleep in it.  maybe.

and to think, if only patent sabrina was affordable.

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