Posted on December 12, 2008


mommy, do you see this on my fingers?
yes, monkey, your fingers are pruney.
oh. wipe it off.
i can’t wipe it off.
yes you can.
no, your fingers are pruney b/c you were in the bath water for a long time.
it’s ok.  it’ll go away soon.
you ok?
no.  i don’t like it.  wipe it off?


mommy, what’s that?
that is my eye.
no, that.
those are eyelashes.  do you want to touch them?
see.  eyelashes.  can you touch your eyelashes now?
yes, monkey.
i have eyelashes on my fingers?
no, monkey, your fingers are just pruney.
no, it’s not. i got eyelashes on my fingers?


these are the types of conversations i have with my child.  we go ’round and ’round hashing things out until can fully understand whatever concept we’re discussing.  in this case, it was me that didn’t get it.  in fact, it’s quite depressing.

he wasn’t talking about my eyelashes or his eyelashes.  he gave me a very confused face, over and over, when i told him THOSE were eyelashes when they clearly WERE NOT eyelashes b/c the weird things were on his fingers and they were most definitely NOT eyelashes.  you see, he was actually pointing below my lashes, under my eyes.  and no, those aren’t eyelashes.  apparently, whatever it was that he was pointing out look just like his pruned out fingers from spending 30 minutes in the water splashing around and coloring on the tub walls with bath crayons.

i will forever mark this day as the first time my child broke my heart.  today, he pointed out MY WRINKLES!!!

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