Posted on December 18, 2008


edit -12/23/08:  it’s mine and i don’t have to wait!  such a lovely surprise.  covet.  go ahead and covet.

i am officially in love.  and i’m going to hold on tight to it and never let go.  ever.  unless i wash my hands or shower or go swimming.  or perhaps when i’m sleeping.  but other than that, NEVER…

kate mackenzie ** silver finger bow ring **

kate mackenzie ** silver finger bow ring **

i have been lusting for a “bow” ring FOREVER.  and when i say FOREVER, i mean FOREVER.  ok, so more like 3 years, but whatever b/c it certainly feels like FOREVER.

i’ve always been able to conjure up a picture in my mind of this perfect “bow” ring, but i’ve never found one that even came close.  until now, while browsing etsy (which, by the way, has some amazingly adorable little items and i may have to peruse lots more). this is the  most perfectly suited for ME “bow” ring.

i’m mostly impressed b/c it’s handmade and we all know how i LOVELOVELOVE handmade items considering all of my b4b stuff is handmade and covered blood, sweat and love (though not literally, of course).  aside from the bow, there are lots of neato items like gold covered corn flakes and corn puffs.  but the bow… ah, the bow is what i fell in love with.  and in 2-4 weeks… IT’S MINE!!!

(i also have a bit of a crush on the bow etc chain.  we’ll see how much it subsides.  if it subsides.)

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