Posted on January 8, 2009


* stop crying about lost hat.  am an idiot who dropped it in a movie theater.  no one is honest enough to return coach hat.  it’s coach for coach’s sake. (yes, i lost my brand spakin’ new coach beret.  my lovely cable knit birthday beret.  i hate myself.  i actually cried.  and then i blogged about it.  a whole friggin’ post about my sad pathetic self losing my precious hat.  then realized how convoluted and ridiculous it was to blog about a lost hat.  then cried some more.  i’m sad.  i miss my hat.)

* remember to never buy another hat.  ever.

* get computer fixed.  then be good to it.  or at least virus protect it.

* ok.  cry about hat just a little longer.  it was pretty awesome.

* repaint nails.  or just chip off that last little piece on thumb and start over.

* buy salt or salt alternative.  more snows-a-comin’.  yuck.

* salt destroys nails.  get manicure. 

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