Posted on January 9, 2009


look mommy, it’s thomas.
yep.  that’s a little thomas, eh?
no.  it’s a big thomas. 
oh, ok.  a big thomas.
he’s strong.  he takes his dusty coal to the docks.  and he is shunting all those heavy cars and coaches!  he shunts it to the docks.  thomas is strong.  with his dusty coal. 
i see.  well, thomas better get back to work.
no.  thomas is tired now.  he will take a nap in mommy’s bed.


uh, oh.  your train is going under the tv.  please get him.
no.  i can’t.
yes, you can.  please don’t put your trains under the tv.  please get him out.
i’m little.  i need help.


hey, monkey, are you hungry?
actually, yeeeeees.
what would you like?
actually, macaroni & cheese.


i will pay.
you will?  well, thanks. where’s your money?
in my piggy.

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