Posted on January 12, 2009


my younger brother visits often.  he’s fun and good company and so so so wonderful with silly monkey.  i love having him around.

silly monkey knows when arrives.  he can hear his car from a mile away (which is kind of funny b/c he doesn’t even live a full mile away)and just knows the sound of the **beep** his car locking makes.  and when he arrives, oh wow, it’s like christmas with just one big something to unwrap.  big smile ear to ear.

for months after silly monkey began talking, my bro was “unca josha”.  and then, when monkey’s speech matured, he was “uncle joshua”.  on occasion, when monkey is feeling silly, he calls him “uncle joshwi”. 

i can’t explain the bond between these two boys, but if i had to, it would be filled with fabulous words like:  unbreakable, amazing, happy, and goofy.  when i see the two of them together, i can’t help but wonder why he doesn’t seem to have this bond with any other man in his life.  they are two peas in a pod.  it’s adorable and makes my heart feel oh so happy. 

with the two of them together, it’s all fun & games.  for instance, the other day,  i sat down with them to play with some play doh.  looking down, i noticed about 50 snowmen.  except that they weren’t full snowmen, they were just the heads.  and they were made out of a mishmash of colors, sort of peacockish.  my bro had molded them and silly monkey had lined them up and piled them up.  they had spent nearly 20 minutes just making “heads”.  the next day, several several hours after we had mashed them all up and put them away, silly monkey asked me, “mommy, where are my heads?” 

i may not have “the one” boy in my life, but i have two boys that fill my heart with love & joy.   and if i have to live forever without “the one” boy, i’m more than glad to have “the greatest” boys already here.

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