Posted on January 16, 2009


monkey, it is bed time.  go back and lay down.
i need water first. 
you need to go back to your bed and lay down.  i will bring water.
but… i will have water.  water and then i will lay down.


hi mommy.  i made a poop on the toilet.
you did!  i’m so proud of you!!
and a pee.
that’s great!!
and i got a present.
really?  what did you get?
i get jelly beans.  i am a big boy. 
you sure are.  i love you.
i love you lots.

** i spent the next 20 minutes telling everyone i know.  ha!


mommy?  where is douglas?
we don’t have douglas.  he is at the store.
we go to the store and get douglas?
no, we are going to school. 
no!  we need to go to the store and get douglas.  we need to go to target!

i’ll think about it.
that makes me sad.