Posted on January 16, 2009


so it’s two below zero.  two BELOW zero.  oh my frozen boogers.  and i especially like when they tell you how it “feels” – 16 BELOW zero.  hell, i’ll tell you how it feels…

it friggin’ hurts!  my poor car made some scary noises i have never heard before.  specifically – “um, no, i don’t think so.  take the bus.”  even after driving for nearly 45 minutes, my car was still covered in ice. 

it snowed something major on weds.  something like 4-5″ ON TOP OF a layer of pure ice.  that made for a lovely 2 hour and 30 minute drive home from work.  and then another hour of work shoveling and salting, only to wake up on thurs to another few inches of snow that had completely frozen. 

and more snow tomorrow…

a friend of mine is from grand forks, nd.  there, it was FIFTY BELOW ZERO.  she kept laughing at me and my complaining about how cold it is:

it’s cold.
yea, it’s not THAT cold.
yes.  it is THAT cold.
well, back home, when it was like this, people would get all excited and go swimming. 
no.  they did not.  it’s cold.  it may be colder THERE, but it’s still no thank you holy crap this is crap cold here.

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