Posted on January 26, 2009


if a stranger told you that you were beautiful would you believe them?
of course! i may question it, but i’d believe they were being truthful.

do you believe in love at first sight?
no. lust at first sight? sure.

do you get cranky when you’re hungry?

what eye color on the opposite sex do you like the most?
i tend to gravitate towards dark eyes. but it doesn’t much matter.

where will you be tomorrow at this time?
same place i am right now.  and it isn’t where i’d rather be.

do you prefer plastic or glass drinking cups?
i prefer BPA-free plasticware for the kid and glass for myself.

when was the last time you wore black pants?

how easily are you pressured?
if you asked me that last year, i would be hard pressed to be able to say i couldn’t be swayed. now… the only pressure i cave to is a silly monkey face asking for new toys.

would you eat a plate full of crickets for 500 bucks?

what do you think you’ll look like when you’re 50?
like my mom did. wrinkle free and fabulous.

what age do you consider old?
you’re old when you feel old. and i feel old.

do you eat ice cubes?
not usually.

do you prefer cubed or crushed ice?
cubed. crushed just gathers at the top of the glass and then you end up wearing what you should be drinking. or maybe it’s just me.

if you had wings where would you go?
somewhere warm.

what kind of mood do you wake up in?
the kind that wants to go back to bed.

do you hope your child is like you one day?
i give my child free reign to be who he wants to be, how he wants to be and where he wants to be (when he’s grown).  hopefully, he’ll still be a wonderfully caring and loving person, inside & out, when he’s outgrown mama boy status (if he ever outgrows it) (sometimes i wish he won’t) (even though i know better).

what do you use your hands for the most?
bathing, cooking, cleaning, typing, working… the list goes on and on.

if you entered a drinking contest do you think you could win?
win at what? staying sober?

what’s the best thing to do during a snow storm?
watch movies and not go anywhere.

what the best thingto do during a thunderstorm?
same as above

do you have a foul mouth?
sometimes. it’s so much better than it used to be though. 

what figure of speech do you hate?
there are so many… i’m not big on slang. use the correct word,dammit.

what was the last movie you watched?
prom night… before that it was bride wars… before that was marley & me. 2 of the 3 were pretty decent.

could you survive boot camp?
not a chance.

do you know anyone named Rocco?
not personally.  but does anyone remember that cartoon called “rocco’s modern life”?  man.  that was like spongebob for my generation.  geez.  was it on THAT long ago?

do you giggle a lot?
yes.  when appropriate.  and sometimes when inappropriate. 

do you own anything with flames on it?
no.  though, silly monkey has a cool dump truck with flames.

have you ever ripped the wires out of your computer?

do you think you’re attractive?

can you swear in other languages?

do you like sour candy?
sometimes, but i have to be in the mood for it.

have you ever kicked a dog?
no.  nudged?  sure.

have you ever forwarded an email message to someone it wasn’t intended for?
i have done that.  if you say no, you’re lying.

do you say BOOOO YEAH?
um, no.

who invited you over to their home for dinner last?
no idea.  does it count if ej invited me to someone else’s house and they served wine and spicy peas?

do you like red or white wine?
an occasional white, with the very occasional red.

can you burp loud?
i can.  and do.

do you know anyone who self harms themselves?
i think most of us do… emotionally anyway.

what age is grown up?
if you have to ask, you aren’t quite there yet.

have you ever worn men’s cologne?

have you ever scared a child?
yes. silly monkey loves it.

has anyone ever told you that you were self centered?

what about conceited?
nope.  vain, maybe.  not conceited. 

when you walk past glass objects do you check yourself out in them?