Posted on February 4, 2009


i have had NOTHING to blog about.

ok, i take that back.  i’ve started posts on raising cane’s chicken fingers, hair taffy (it exists and it is fabulous) and all the friggin’ cat hair in my house.  they’ve all been deleted and just the idea of mentioning them now seems pretty pathetic.   i also started posts on all the movies i’ve seen lately and then realized they all pretty much sucked and i didn’t much care.

it’s not like i don’t want to blog.  i do.  i really do.  it’s like my own private journal that i let the whole world read b/c WHAT… privacy… what is that?!

this so reminds me of the ep of sex and the city where carrie has absolutely nothing to write about, so she starts an article about socks.  but she was getting paid.  i’m pretty sure if i was getting paid to write, i’d be able to come up with something… anything… and lots of ellipses.

so, here… my socks…

* i was in chicago for a work thing a few weeks ago.  it was for work, not for fun.  and it was cold.  and i got sick.  so… yea.  i was in chicago.  navy pier was fun.   i’d love to go back.  when it’s not for work.  and just for fun.  and not so cold.  and not get sick.  yea… and navy pier was fun.  i also licked a lion.

* i ate a bunch of raw pumpkin seeds today.  unroasted.  unsalted.  gives new meaning to gals eating seeds… bird food.  they were surprisingly tasty.

* i’ve decided i want to do some muay thai training.  i don’t actually want to fight – i’m not all that scrappy.

and… that’s all i’ve got.  we’ll try this again later.

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