Posted on February 11, 2009


i’m exhausted. ridiculously unequivocally amazingly OMG thisIScrazy exhausted. silly monkey sprung some sort of plague the other day and i spent a good 40 minutes rocking him to sleep last night. thank goodness it was early in the evening b/c he hacked and cried and sneezed ALL night. on a positive note, i counted it as a workout. what? he’s like THIRTY some odd pounds now and man, swaying with THAT much weight is seriously like lifting weights. yes! yes, it is!!

anyway, he’s been sneezing & coughing and leaking from all sorts of places. poor kid is just miserable. we’ve been watching a bunch of dvds and reruns of spongebob b/c seriously, what’s the fun in being sick if you can’t overdose of cartoons while you doze in & out of sick sleepless dreams? and he’s been calm. just resting and relaxing, which is oh so unusual b/c he can rarely sit for two seconds without getting up, stretching his arms out and making airplane noises.

and i have a headache now.

and he’s completely bogarted my chair.  (but, i’m told, it’s ok b/c he’s wearing his fireman hat.)

and occasionally he’ll look at me & say…

i tip my **cough cough** cowboy hat to **sneeze hack** you, mommy **sneeze**. ok?
ok, silly monkey, tip away.

i could possibly be the luckiest mommy in the world.  yep.  i am.

p.s.  apparently they have upgraded thomas the tank engine… his mouth now MOVES in the new dvd.  must get.