Posted on February 24, 2009


it’s been a rough couple weeks.  silly monkey’s been sick with the plague croup, though i’m not even sure that was correctly diagnosed b/c he’s still sick and hacking after what seems to be forever, but has only really been 14 days.  yes… 14 whole days!  yesterday, during a repeat trip to the doc, he was poked & prodded and had what appeared to be a q-tip on a wire shoved up his nose and down his throat.  yum.  every mother’s dream – watching her child restrained and screaming (insert sarcasm HERE).

poor monkey coughs up storms in his sleep and has made peace, finally, with blowing his nose (at least once per day).  it’s also put a bit of a damper on the potty training b/c seriously, who can really hold it all in when your fits of coughing are so violent you turn bright red and can barely breathe?!  i’ve done my best to keep him relaxed and indoors and fed and rested (which is more than i can say for some), but i guess that’s me being “good mom”, or just mom, (or just using common sense, which some really seem to lack these days).   i haven’t caught any of it ** knock on wood ** but we’ll see, since this is certainly not quite over.  so… we’re here and we’re still alive.

other than that… i’ve been pretty boring.  i’ve done a ton of spring cleaning and still can’t shake this writer’s block, which is weird b/c i normally write about all sorts of nothing and really, how hard is that?  i actually started a post on “the bachelor”, then deleted b/c no.  just… NO.

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