Posted on March 2, 2009


thomas1in the past 3 days, i have done the following:

*cleaned silly monkey’s room – closet and all.

* applied 3 coats of amazingly rich & pigmented green paint to the walls (and a bit on the baseboards &  a tad on the ceiling – hey, i’m no pro).

* moved all of silly monkey’s  furniture back into his room and anchored it, accordingly.

* rehung (is that a word?) the shelves and artwork.

* meticulously placed “thomas & friends” decals to the walls and door.

* sewed “thomas & friends” pillowcases and sheets. washed handmade “thomas & friends” pillowcases and sheets.  made up silly monkey’s bed.

* sewed 2 panels of curtains. washed 2 panels of curtains.  hung 2 panels of curtains.

and now, at first chance to sit & relax, i am ridiculously exhausted.  but, in the end, it was the most worthwhile thing i have done in such a long time.  and an early bday gift for silly monkey.

when silly monkey saw his “new” room, he was completely surprised and excited.  he told me it was “beautiful” and proceeded to show me everything.   he pointed out each and every train & called them by name, checked out the photos on his dresser, told me the walls were green and picked up each every thing i had placed on his bed.  and tonight, at bedtime, it took about 1 minute to get him into his bed to read a book.

thomas5mommy, you paint my walls.  and put thomas on it.
yes, i did.  do you like it?
i am happy.  it makes me happy.

and all the blood, sweat & tears have completely been forgotten.  now, if i could just get rid of this paint-fume headache (and yes, i used low odor, no VOC paint – it just sucked – i do not recommend lowe’s olympic premium paint.  yuck.  i should have gone with sherwin williams’ harmony.  gah.  shoulda. coulda. woulda.)thomas4