Posted on March 8, 2009


i never really liked yogurt, but a few years ago, i found myself really wanting it, a lot…

side note:  this is along the same lines of cantaloupe.  i HATED it.  but, when i was pregnant with silly monkey, i would eat at least 1 per day.  sometimes i had 5 in one day – yes FIVE WHOLE MELONS.  and it stuck.  i still love it.  i just don’t eat it everyday.  during my pregnancy was also when i started really disliking meat – the smell, the texture, the taste.  and now, i still rarely eat it.

so anyway, yogurt – it is weird.  sort of creamy, sort of tart, sort of… well, weird.  if i was pressed to pick a fave, and actually had to eat it,  it would have been the fruit on the bottom full of sugar crap.

a few months ago, i started eating the yoplait fiber one yogurt.  the key lime pie flavor is amazing.  very delicious.  the added fiber doesn’t hurt it a bit (though the vanilla flavored ones always ended up in the trash). and then, i saw these…


i know they aren’t new, but i had never tried them b/c whipped yogurt?  um. gross.  but, my fiber one was not on sale so i took a stab…

* chocolate – OMG, this stuff is more than disgusting.  the second i put it in my mouth, i wanted to spit it out.  i gave it a few bites and then it went in the trash.  not good.

* key lime pie – BETTER THAN THE FIBER ONE!  loving it.  will get again.

* lemon meringue – see above.

i’m sold.  completely sold.  whips are now to be a staple in my home.  silly monkey even likes them and he’s the pickiest of the picky eaters.  yoplait is free to send me a giant supply for this shameless unpaid product placement.

see… i am so blocked.  so very, very blocked.  at least i’m trying.

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