Posted on March 10, 2009


i love warm weather – not humid hot gross sticky weather and not booger freezing cold weather – warm, breezy, just right for kicking a ball around outside and going for a stroll weather.  i like being outside, just not camping or that other weird boy stuff.

saturday was awesome.  silly monkey and i took a long walk around the neighborhood and painted the walkway with chalk (just in time for the rain to wash all of our hard work away).  it was lovely. 

yesterday was great, too.  silly monkey and i took a couple mile walk around blacklick park (which by the way, they sort of half paved, which is weird b/c it’s been a dirt path for years & years and now it’s all lookin’ like a mini road) and then ran around like crazies on the playground – paying most attention to the slides, which have seemingly been neglected by us for several months.  monkey loved it and i was glad to start ridding us of cabin fever.   upon leaving the park, monkey and i had this exchange:

we’ll come back on thursday, ok?
no, tuesday.  not thursday.
on tuesday?
it’s going rain on tuesday, so how about thursday?
no… tuesday.
ok, how about in two days?  so not tomorrow, and not wednesday… ok, so three days.  how about we come back in three days?  on thursday?
ok.  we come back on thursday.  in two days. 

today will be warm, but rainy.  tomorrow will be cold and rainy.  and the day after might be a tad chilly, but we’ll bundle and walk some more. 

ahhh… fresh air.  i sure have missed it.

ps.  haha.  look.  two posts in one day…