Posted on March 12, 2009


further evidence as to why i’m so super glad i pitched every BPA-laced item in my home…


i fished this off of the seventh generation blog.  i’ve done a ton of reading on the BPA topic and have even written a few posts on my paranoia of its effects.  i’m secure in my decision to toss out everything with an unsafe plastic # on it, which i did about a year ago.  if it can prevent, why not do it?  it takes little effort and if chosen wisely, can cost very little (in fact, i took all of my bpa-laced bottles & sippies back to babies r us for a fabulous exchange – so it cost ME nothing.).

i’m not new-agey, not even close, but i’m cautious about what silly monkey plays with and eats/drinks out of and on.  so much so, i’ve even replaced all of our toxic chemical cleaners (dishwasher soap, included), with naturally produced and “green” products.  again, it didn’t cost any more than those pricey bottles of smelly poison. 

there’s little i can do outside of my home, but if i can keep him healthy & safe under our roof, i’ll do whatever it is i am reasonably able to do.  b/c, really, how comfy is home if it smells like bleach?