Posted on March 23, 2009


i wear one piece of jewelry everyday, all day.  it has rarely left my body in the 2 years i have had it.  my sister has the same piece.  as does my brother.  as did my mother, who still holds hers in the urn that sits in my living room. 

it is a simple gold band that signifies the bond that i have with my mother and siblings.  a simple gold band engraved with “B-M-D-J”. 

it’s not something that brings me good luck.  or happiness.  but it’s there to remind me that we are all still together – in heart & mind – and will be forever.  i don’t need it to signify this bond, but it’s there, and i cherish it as my only prize possession. 

i had a dream that i lost it.  it slipped right off my finger and i spent hours and days and months and years looking for this tiny piece of gold that i so desperately needed back.  i woke in a cold sweat, looked down and there it was.  there it still was.  i took a deep breathe and fell back asleep.  and today, i wonder what would happen if it really had been lost.  how completely lost would i be?

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