Posted on March 25, 2009


it’s been one of those days…

the kind where you put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge. 

the kind where you drop your keys 10 times before locking the front door.

 the kind where you say”great britain”, instead of “british columbia” (no?  is that one all me?). 

it’s just been one of those exhausting days that makes you feel like someone punched you in the gut, shoved you down some stairs and then made you drive home. 

nothing spectacular happened to make this day like it is.  sure, last night, i was livid at someone in particular b/c that someone in particular makes such poor choices and cares nothing about anyone in particular except for their own self in particular and it’s exhausting and heartbreaking and i just want to scream.  but i don’t.  instead i pace.  and pace.  and pace.  and when it is over, i let it be known that…

you see, i try not to be so self involved that i step on other’s toes or purposely upset others.  i believe that we all pay a price for ignorance and hatred and just plain disdain for life.  i won’t ever live that way.  i won’t ever let my child look at me like that.  and if that someone in particular doesn’t mind if his child does, then that someone in particular is a lot more sad than i ever imagined sad could be.