Posted on March 26, 2009


what’s a word that starts with the third letter of your first name?  no

what was the last thing you drank? diet coke, lots of ice, flat

did you have a dream last night? not that i recall

how many piercings do you have? just the ears… a few too many times. 

if you could have something right now, what would it be? a nap

do you want someone back in your life? physically, i absolutely want my mom back in my life, though, i know she’s still here with me in a different sense.

are you good at giving directions? no.  but i can read a map.

what is your favorite color? to look at – yellow, to wear – black/white, in general – pink

what made your day? the fact that it’s not over yet

does anyone disgust you? hmmm….

what’s something you can’t wait for?  this to be over…

what time did you go to sleep last night? 1230am

is anything bothering you? yes.  my diet coke is flat.  and watery.

do you like the smell of gasoline? what kind of gd question is that?!  next!

what is your current wallpaper on your cell phone? silly monkey.  sleeping. 

what was the last picture you took? my charitable donations.  the better to not miss them when they’re gone.

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