Posted on March 28, 2009


silly monkey has food issues.  he has his set list of foods that he will regularly eat:  beans, rice, noodles, pretty much any veggie (except lettuce & asparagus) and just about any fruit.  and aside from mac & cheese, his taste for “kid’s food” is all but completely lacking.

tonight, after a long and drawn out debate on where to order and what to order, my bro and i settled on donato’s and silly monkey ate 5 pieces of pizza.  FIVE!  pizza, a favorite for most kids, is at the bottom of silly monkey’s list.  he’ll eat ONE piece if i’m lucky, or just pick the pepperoni off and eat it. he either just prefers donato’s (which most people do) or he was starving.

i’m still pretty freaked out by his pizza eating.  though i guess it makes sense… donato’s is pretty awesome.

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