Posted on March 30, 2009


i keep a tidy home.  in fact, when it’s not tidy, i kinda sorta go a bit overboard in making it tidy.  i’m not a neat-freak by any means, but everything has it’s own place and that place is not a pile on the dining room table.  now, if it has to rest there for a bit before it can find it’s place, well, then that’s a different story. 

last night, silly monkey helped fold laundry.  it’s a system…

step 1.  create 3 basketfuls of laundry… on purpose… from not doing laundry for like oh, i dunno, say… an entire week. 

step 3.  place 3 basketfuls of laundry into 6 half full baskets.

step 4.  learn to count.

step 5.  ask silly monkey to remove one article from 1 basket and give it to me.  then tell him he should move one article from basket 2 to basket 3 and so forth.  after one cycle is done, he can give me one more article of clothing to fold.  repeat.

step 6.  try to keep silly monkey from climbing in the baskets and/or tossing said clothing on to the floor.

step 7.  laugh EVERY time silly monkey says “cuuuute shirt, mommy”.  laugh HARDER when he says “here’s a huuuuuge one”.

this all made me start thinking about chores.  i remember when i was a kid, my mom would give me (and about 10 other neighbor kids) a paper bag.  then she’d turn on the sprinklers.  whoever could fill their bag up with leaves,  the fullest and fastest, would win.  you should have seen the scramble.  and in the end, we all got popsicles (i mean, hey, this was back in the day when giving neighbor kids treats was just fine and dandy). my mom got her lawn cleared and we all got to play in the water and eat frozen sugar.  a win-win. 

everyday i find that i do something more & more like my mom.  (i actually told silly monkey – “see with your eyes, not with your hands”.  yea, i know.  that actually literally came directly out of my mouth.)  and everyday, i’m realizing it’s not such a bad thing to turn into my mother.  in fact, i very much like it. 

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