Posted on April 6, 2009


mommy, i will read this book to you.

ok, i’m ready.

you have to lay down.  we will do both.  book and bed.

great idea.  ok, now i’m ready.

one morning, it was thomas and percy and james.  and thomas says “it’s 9 o’clock”.  one morning, james is in the dark.  one morning, james is not there.  the moon is out.  thomas, james and percy are in the dark at 9 o’clock.  woo, woo.  but james is here now.  fast – percy and thomas are fast.  thomas and percy – he got coaches and he got coaches.  he got brown and he got purple.  thomas and percy are racing.  he’s on the top and he is down.  but james is not here, but thomas is here, but percy is not here.  the sun is down.  thomas is here, but james and percy are not here.  that is the last one.  this is it.  the end.

that was a good book, silly monkey.

now it is night night time.  night night mommy.  i love you more.

(i knew this story was going to be awesome, so i grabbed a piece of paper and a pen as soon as silly monkey told me he was going to read to me.  it is seriously verbatim.  he spoke, i wrote.  and it all makes sense – all of the words go with each of the pictures in the book.  he’s a smart boy.  genius baby, if you ask me.)