Posted on April 17, 2009


such a happy day.

today was silly monkey’s 3rd bday and it was a glorious, fun filled, sunny and beautiful day.  it never ceases to amaze me how much i can run around, freak out about balloons, almost drop a sheet cake AND skin my knee chasing a runaway bubble bucket, but get over it in an instant b/c my gah… my baby is awesome.

but every year as his birthday nears, i feel twinges of sadness in my heart.  i miss my mom so much.  i think about how much she would love to watch silly monkey grow and laugh and run and play.  it kills me that she isn’t here to help me plan these ridiculously themed and expensive parties.  it angers me that she was taken so soon.

nothing will ever make these days better b/c they’re already so amazing, but i do cry and i do feel sad and i do miss her oh so terribly.



we had a lovely little family birthday gathering for silly monkey – gifts and cake.  i got my annual “hands in the cake” photo and we all had a blast putting a bunch of toys together.  as usual, silly monkey’s uncle, joshua, spoiled him rotten, as he pretty much bought out the thomas the train department from the toy store.  to top it off, i read “happy birthday, thomas” to silly monkey as he drifted off to sleep – he was just tickled that thomas’ birthday is on the same day as his!


tomorrow is the big party and i don’t think i could be more anxious.  i LOVE planning these parties.  i would do it for a living if it could more than pay the bills.  exciting highlights…

* a (temporary) tattoo bar – so all the kids can be tagged with thomas, james and percy
* pin the #1 on thomas – b/c thomas doesn’t have a tail
* PINATA!!!!  (stuffed with chocolate)

but mostly, i’m super excited to see silly monkey with his family and friends, laughing and chatting and just plain having a great time.

happy birthday to my silly monkey.  i love you more.

** post title = gavin rossdale