Posted on April 19, 2009


the party was planned.

the balloons were filled.

the cake was decorated.

the guests arrived…

and silly monkey decided he had no want for a party and instead followed me around and cried and demanded i carry him.  the whole time.  oh wait, minus about 30 minutes for opening gifts – which even then he was less than thrilled about… until he opened one that he loudly exclaimed – “it’s a box!!!”.

i’m not sure exactly what happened.  the night before we had such a lovely little mini party and he was happy and excited and couldn’t stop talking about all of his friends and the surprises and the thomas cake and on and on an on.  saturday morning, he woke in the same mood – super happy and we spent a great morning playing with some new toys and putting others together.  we even made a birdhouse!

and then…

i can only assume it was a combination of a shortened nap, being woken pretty abruptly, having to wear overalls & a hat, being around several people giving him lots of attention and the requirement to be happy & wear a smile that did him in.  NONE of the photos have him smiling.  he refused to play games.  he didn’t want cake & even needed assistance with blowing out his candle.  and i swear, he said “no” at least 100 times.  in fact, the only things he really did say, were: “no”, “i don’t want to”, “mommy, carry me”, and “mommy”.

so that was that.

and then we spent the night in the ER.  but i suppose that’s a story for another day…