Posted on April 23, 2009


i took silly monkey to see thomas & friends live: a circus comes to town, just a few hours after being re-diagnosed with acute bronchitis, on wednesday.  in my stupor, i prepared myself for the 90 minute show, assuming it would be terrible and boring and filled with cross trains.  but, to my surprise, it was awesomely amazing!

upon arriving and seeing the tracks on stage, silly monkey became quite frustrated…

mommy, where is thomas?
he’ll be out in 20 minutes, you have to be patient.
but, i want thomas to come out right now.
just keep watching.
and percy.  and james.  mommy, where is gordon???

once the show started, silly monkey was stunned… the trains actually moved and talked and had facial expressions.  there was a surprisingly un-scary clown and all was topped off, obviously, by a faux rotund sir topham hatt.

for 90 minutes, the trains moved about the stage and they sang several familiar songs, such as:  “thomas’ anthem”, “it’s great to be an engine”, and “engine roll call”.  they also had the children participate by yelling out names and thoughts and taught them new songs, as well.  during silly monkey’s favorite part, they asked the kids to help thomas move along  the track and push out his steam by shouting “chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga, woosh”, which continued in the car on the way home.  all in all, we had a great time singing and dancing and just having a plain ‘ol good time.

all appearing were: thomas, james, percy, gordon, trevor, harrold, and crankly. emily and the other made brief cameos during the “engine roll call” song, which just THRILLED silly monkey. he LOVES emily.

i am so glad i stuck it out, sickness and all, and brought him downtown.  it was a wonderful experience  for mommy and silly monkey to share – something i’m sure he’ll be talking about for a while… at least a week anyway.