Posted on April 28, 2009


i like to tell silly monkey stories about when he was a baby… not that he’s not still a baby, he’s just not as much of a baby and so much more of a “big boy”.  yesterday, excitedly, we had this conversation…

mommy, i don’t want to wear a diaper.
excellent idea!  let’s go on the potty and then get some undies.
no, what?
i don’t want to go on the potty.  i already did.
well, twice a day isn’t going to cut it, bud.  you have to go every time.
but i already went.
hmmm… did you know that when you were a baby, you peed on mommy?
** giggles **
yep, i would try and change your diapers and you would pee on me.  right on my arms or my shirt.  one time, you peed on my hair!
** laughter **
and another time, when i tried to change your diaper, you peed SOOOOO high, you peed right on your own head!!
** hysteria **
so… i don’t want you to pee on me again.  or on you again.  so, if you don’t want to wear a diaper, you HAVE to pee in the toilet.
but, what?
but i already peed in the toilet today!

reasoning really gets lost on him.  really, really lost.