Posted on May 2, 2009



this is ej.

she saw some local crazies talking about a snuggie pub crawl on the news, and decided she just HAD to be there.  the problem?  she didn’t own a snuggie.  the other problem?  she dragged me along to locate one.  and though i obliged her on her mission to find a snuggie, i declined to crawl in a backwards robe b/c 1.  i don’t drink and 2.  i am not crazy.

on our way home from dinner, shopping & dessert, we stopped at giant eagle.  they, of course, had to have snuggies b/c they have a HUGE section of “as seen on tv” crap – b/c seriously, why would a grocery store carry sham-wows and weird bra cincher thingies and not snuggies?  but, as we quickly learned… it’s b/c they were “flying off the shelves”, this according to mr. late night giant eagle manager kid.

ej then swore that cvs had them.  so we went to cvs, which was closed.  as was the walgreens down the street.

defeated and deflated, we decided to check out meijer.


at this point, i was exhausted, being that i’m old and my bedtime is usually about an hour ago.  i demanded that ej ASK someone where the snuggies were stashed b/c i was not about to wander around a giant department store and spend money on lotion and tp and chips and socks and cheese graters that i seriously do not need.  and they didn’t have them.

by this time, it was getting really late (for me).


and i was feeling, well…



so, i told ej we could make ONE more visit on our snuggie crusade and then i had to go home and crash.  and she PROMISED that the walgreens further down the street would be the last stop b/c she was ONE HUNDRED percent sure that they sold them there and she would have free selection over the plethora of colors and OMG they would be open!


and so it was.  but…


do you see a snuggie?  yea, we didn’t either.  in fact, ej and the late night walgreens kid got into a little tiff about how they don’t have them anymore b/c they put them on clearance b/c no one wanted them yet they didn’t have any b/c everyone bought them and they had a bunch, but not now and blah blah blah and huh, what the heck are we doing?!

and i demanded to be returned home.

and then ej started pouting.

and i caved and we went here…


and we left with ej looking like this…


and then i got suckered into going to walmart b/c OMG HOW CAN YOU GO TO A SNUGGIE PUB CRAWL WITHOUT A SNUGGIE, to which i responded – “isn’t drinking with a snuggie a bit dangerous?”  apparently that doesn’t matter and is how i ended up at walmart after 1230pm looking for a snuggie and in line behind mrs. steak and organic produce with food stamps buyer pro, for over 20 minutes, just to buy diapers b/c low and behold – WALMART DOES NOT SELL SNUGGIES!!!! (but they do have diapers, as did the other hundred places we visited.)

so after what felt like forever, we each went home without a snuggie for ej.

i can’t even end this post with a dorky photo of ej in her new snuggie.  so sad.

update:  ej found her snuggie at bed bath & beyond for $14.99.  this is the same place i told her to go, before we started our crusade last night.  the things i do for those i love.  i am seriously awesome!