Posted on May 6, 2009


i am a new me.

a few weeks ago i chopped my hair off.  really, seriously, totally, completely chopped my hair off.  and then i did something even more drastic… BANGS!

i haven’t had bangs since high school (which is far enough in my past that i’d almost, almost, forgotten about them).  at that point, bangs were cool if and only if you could 1.  get them high enough off your head that they were practically airborne OR 2.  so long that they were in your eyes and so thick that you were mistaken for shannen doherty aka brenda walsh.  i, fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), was only #1 for a short time and then moved on to #2.

but bangs aside, i was REALLY looking for a change.  a big change.  something so different that people might actually notice that i cut more than a few inches from the length.  something so opposite from mommy hair that i might actually have to get up earlier in the morning to style it.  something nice.  something fun.  something grown up.  something… just SOMETHING.

so i googled “short choppy bob with bangs” and hoped for an appointment sometime within the next 48 hours b/c my gah, i was determined to look super adorable for silly monkey’s big birthday bash.  and that’s when facebook actually decided to honor my friggin’ request for fab hair… via phia salon.

an old high school acquaintance, from you know, like just a few years ago, 5 tops, is the super duper cool manager there and after a few facebook messages, i had an appointment along with some bubble guts b/c OMG what was i doing?  my hair?  chop it?  bangs?  layer?  what?  huh?  why would i want to create more work and OMG what if i HATE it?

i was scared.  so i googled more photos, which made me even more apprehensive b/c OMG there are some serious gag me styles out there and what’s with the crimping and feathering and asymmetrical half blonde half brunette crap?!

when i pulled up to the salon, i was pleasantly surprised. it’s located in a quaint little area of the short north, tucked right next to planet smoothie (YUM).  it was small and smelled strongly of aveda products (shampure, YUM YUM).  and everyone just looked hip and happy and cute and busy.  i felt comfortable, even if i was still battling nerves along with a bad case of bronchitis.

a short consult and an amazing scalp massage later, cassady had me in her chair and was chop chop chopping away, then razor razor razoring away.  and then came the bangs.  and the blow dryer.  and the flat iron.  and then more razor.  and then…

i fell in love with myself.  ew.  did i just say that?!


it’s just so fresh and new and sexy and mature and… different.  i’ve battled the same weak same slow same step on me person that i’ve been for years and years and years – my whole adult life to tell the truth.  and it’s silly that something as small as hair can lift me up and make me feel good and happy and special and different, but it did and it has and so what if something as small as hair can do that b/c wow, if something as small as hair really can do that, just think of what those big somethings can do?

for the first time, my little risk adverse person, took a risk.  granted it was a tiny risk – chopping my hair and risking that i’d hate it and might have to wear hats (though i love hats) until it grew out… i still took a risk.  yay me.  yay strong me.

so, yea, i got a haircut.  a fabulously wonderful high maintenance hair cut. and now, it’s taken on a life of its own.  thank goodness it’s good at sharing.

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