Posted on May 7, 2009


silly monkey has little concept of time.  everything is relatable only in terms of “three minutes”, “last night” or “when i was a baby”.  and all three are almost always prefaced with one word – “remember”…

mommy, remember last night when your tummy hurt? 
did you need to poop?
remember when i was a baby and i pooped in my diaper?
you still poop in your diaper.
yea.  remember last night when i pooped in my diaper?
yes.  and where should you have pooped?
in the toilet. 
so are you going to poop in the toilet today?
yes.  maybe in three minutes.

granted, “last night” is any time that has already taken place and “three minutes” is any stretch of time either too long when it relates to a time out or way too short if related to any sort of playing or tv watching.  “when i was a baby” is always in relation to something about his diaper and “remember”, well, “remember” is just “remember” and he says it just about as often as “actually”, actually.