Posted on May 15, 2009


mother’s day was a good day.  silly monkey and i established a few new traditions and spent most of the day outside, considering the weather was just fabulous. 

but, i’m getting ahead of myself. 

it all started the night before, when silly monkey presented me with these…


food, roses, glorious, foooooood (haha, we’ve been watching too much ice age) pink roses!  a dozen of them.  perfectly shaped, perfectly bloomed, perfectly held by two tiny hands.  it was an awesome surprise.  i was also presented with a card carrying 10 seconds of silly monkey telling me he loves me…

i loooooove you, mommy!
i love yoooooooooou!
i love you, mooooooommmmy!!

it was all so lovely.

the next morning, silly monkey woke me early and together, we made cinnamon and blueberry pancakes.  the boy is a whiz with the wisk. 

and then we were off to choose flowers for our new mommy & silly monkey garden.


we spent about an hour at lowe’s selecting pink, orange, red and purple impatiens, along with a yellow zinnia and some white shasta daisies.   silly monkey also picked out some cool GO DIEGO GO gardening tools, including a bucket, cultivator, trowel and some gloves.  and off we went…

we spent the next few hours beautifying our yard.  silly monkey dug holes, determined to show me each and every worm that had burrowed itself in the clay and mud, and then moved them gently to an area where were weren’t planting flowers, as he said the worms would “eat our stuff“.


yes, those ARE thomas boots!


shasta daisy

after a few more gifts (truffles, blue nail polish and a DVD), cleaning up, lunch with my sister, and a good long nap, silly monkey and i spent a good part of the afternoon coloring. 

my brother also stopped by with even MORE flowers for me to plant (some impatiens and petunias) and then spent some time with silly monkey, showing him how to use his skateboard (safety first!). 

yummy pad thai and pesto cavatappi from noodles & company topped off the most amazing day i have had in a very, very, very long time.