Posted on May 25, 2009


night night, auntie chelle.  i have to sleep on mommy’s bed.
you do?
because i’m sick.
you’re sick?
yea.  i’m sick.  i have to see the doctor soon.

oh, so now you’re sick?
yes, mommy.  i’m so sick?
why are you sick?
i have to see the doctor soon…
for what?
you know.  because my cough.
and that requires you to sleep on my bed?
uhhhh.  yea.  **rolls eyes**

in honor of most normal people’s memorial day camping traditions, silly monkey and i built and slept in a fort, in the living room.

our fort/tent was put together with a bunch of chairs and blankets and some old diaper pins i found from my baby shower (and b/c i’m a total pack rat)… and it was pretty darn awesome coming from a gal that is so completely far from tomboy that her only boy-ish wardrobe items include her collection of chucks (fashionable ones with hearts and butterflies, i might add).  we popped popcorn and watched movies and even made s’mores in the microwave.

it was the BEST time i’ve ever had camping (even if it was faux-camping), and quite frankly, the only time i’ve ever really enjoyed it at all (a handful of people know what happened the last time i voluntarily went real-camping and it was soooo not pretty).

the only downside was how hard the sleeping surface was.  i’m WAY too old to be sleeping on the floor.